Tina The Turfmobile

The Tina the Turf-mobile.....
    This project has grown (haha) into something much different than what was first imagined. In a response to a prompt for a socially engaged art practice class. We were asked to create an object intervention piece and I chose to astro turf my 1999 Honda Civic. 
    The idea behind it stemmed from a previous piece for the same class that was focused on modern lawns and the environmental damages they create and racist constructs that uphold their importance. However, soon this piece took over that idea and instead began to be an experiement on what public spaces in the Covid pandemic can be portrayed as. One of the more memorable aspects of this work was the creation of the car itsself. I would switch between the road near my home and the public parking structure as my main “studios” when I created this. Often times I would be stopped by strangers wondering what is going on, people that think its hilarious and people that think I am simply insane for astro-turfing my car.

As of August of 2021, Tina the Turf-Mobile is no longer existent. While I was away in Colorado for a ceramics internship at the Anderson Ranch Arts Center, she was broken into, vandilized and no longer funtional. It is with sad and heavy hearts that I bid her goodbye, she was an icon and was taken from the world much too soon and much to violently.

I paid respects to her in 2023.. here is her grave..