Her Remains

Her Remains mirror, Astroturf, inflatable frame, airdry clay, photo print, candles
dimensions N/A
This is a segment of a larger body of work, a whole Honda Civic to be exact. Tina The Turfmobile was my noble steed in which I rode everyday for a year and half. I decided to christen her with Astroturf during the “height” of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Using her as my mobile park at first, inviting people to enjoy their meal on her, lounge on her. Soon she grew into much more than that, becoming a symbol of play and absurdity in the small town of Davis, California where I went to university. Time passed, many photo shoots and picnics were had on Tina and then I was selected for a great opportunity to be a ceramics intern at the Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Colorado. Leaving Tina at the farm I worked at and coming back to her after 6 months to find that she had been brutally murdered by members of the pro-grass lawn agenda. The only remains of her are this side mirror and the laughs the community shared on her.

I am working towards remaking her but I will need to acquire the funds to get the materials again as well as a beater car. I drive a big kid car now that I can not cover in Astroturf.