Skin and Bones

Skin and Bones stoneware, paper, cement, found collage material, pothos plant, barbed wire, bricks 
Lifesize woman in 8’ x 8’ platform
    I pay homage to to my late grandmothers, that passed to the next cycle late last year.. as well as all the strong Iranian women that stood before them. To make this piece I dove head first in family and cultural traumas that have lasting effects on me. The Black and Brown woman, no matter where she is from is a woman that has stood against oppression and the patriarchal societies that have governed over her mind,body and souls since the dawn of time. I can never even begin to imagine or comprehend the hardships the women before me had endured, to ensure that I am alive today. Both of my grandmothers were the most selfless, hardworking women i have ever known (apart from my own mother of course) and through them i saw the beauty of our beautifully cursed culture.
    While I do not wear the Hijab, I think that it is very beautiful. The concept is so triggering to much of the western world. They cry that the women are “oppressed” and dont have “freedom”. I have always thought it was so funny when other women would tell my mother that she is being silenced because of a simple cloth she wears over her hair. For many Muslim women, wearing the Hijab is empowering and they would never want to dress and act like the “western” woman. When I look at my mother and I see her rosaree (another Hijab) I see the strength and perseverance of the women before her. This work was more than just an experiment in textures and techniques for me. It was a transformative and healing practice for me. I learned things about the women of my family, about myself and my feelings about death and the human life cycle.