Infection plywood, metal wire
6’ x 2’ x 8’

   This work was made for a materials exploration course at UC Davis.
    This piece was created right at the start of what was the year COVID_19, cases had just been identified in Wuhan, China and the country had gone under a lockdown. There was discussion of the USA also going into a lockdown, that the virus will spread here as well.
     I created this work (under the limitations of the assignment which was to use only plywood and heavy gauge black wire) to engage in that foreboding fear of what was to come. I installed it toward the ceiling, right above the doorway into the room. because of its location, it was not noticed by most of my classmates until it was pointed out.
    The threat of this pandemic was looming over the USA and there was a general air of dread and panic that was taking over most Americans. It still feels as though that was one million years ago, as I write this statement now in December of 2020. Nothing has changed.