Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home Found Objects, found chair, wood, ipad, speaker, projector, shower curtain, and engaged viewers. 
Wall Dimension: 6’ x 8’ 
    Following the wildfires of 2020, I felt compelled to make a piece addressing the way our former POTUS, Donald Trump reacted and responded to the devastation. With this work I hope to challenge the cognitive dissonance he held toward the obvious environmental damage that was right before his eyes.
    By displaying this work as an installation piece and allowing the public to interact with it, I would like to engage their sense of panic and confusion. By recreating the living room of an antiquated America, I was able to engage the audience by asking them to take a seat and watch “their TV”. While they sat in the chair and watched the video, outside their window is the obvious environmental destruction that Donald Trump claims is a “hoax”.
    I wanted to create a space in which climate change could not be denied as it is right outside their window. Yet they choose ignorance and keep listening to the former POTUS. The crys of the other planets ring loud through the white walls of “home” as they weep for their falling sister, mother nature.
Attatched below are the full video of what was streamed during the performance. 

“Our sister is being killed” - projected on the window
“His highness, the great idiot” - played on the ipad