Reliquaries For Grief
Stoneware, sentimental elements, handmade book.
An ephemeral performance.
Iran is one of the most mineral rich countries in the world, but the lives of most civilians does not reflect that. From sanctions making equipment difficult to posses, and money starved mullahs guarding resource selfishly, many Iranians are left to squander for the resource.. to resources. This lack of care has caused economic disparity that cannot be ignored, families fail to bring bread to the table for they simply cant afford it.

When will the wealth of the countries soil seep into the mind and bodies of the people?

In this body of work I am displaying rocks and minerals I have collected from Iran the last time I was there, which was many moons ago. Giving them the power to transport me back to the lands that I call home. The country that I fear in this lifetime may no longer be. Will I one day be placed back among the sand that I try so desperately to replicate? Will I ever breathe the air in a crisp Shiraz day again? Will women be free and children fed?