Anahita’s Breath                                 

Anahita’s Breath
glass, water, ceramics, moss, rocks and dirt
19” x 28”
The breath of the great Goddess, Anahita fills the glass chamber, giving life to the seeds trapped inside and giving them the strength they need to bloom. This work is a reflection of the perseverance and resilience of Iranian women.

As the mist breathes its path around the rigid forms of the traditional vases, the seeds of the clovers grow stronger and the roots of the moss latch deeper into the debris.

A new world is being born around the forms, their structure and self-erected are at risk of toppling as the plants grow larger. There are new storylines being written that will break the foundation of the monotonous drone that is the terroristic “Islamic” Regime. Much like the branching root systems of the moss, will eventually take over the vase structures, the will of the Iranian people will topple this regime. In its wake will be a new Iran, a fresh, breathable, healthy Iran.